Welcome to Opera in the Orchard. Opera in the Orchard grew out of a dream of Robbie Bishop of Wickham Bishops, to share the beauty of his home with others, together with his love of opera as experienced during his working life in Rome.

Here, he saw opera enjoyed by a wide cross section of the community. What was also very obvious was that opera was definitely enjoyed by the whole family of several generations. Hence, children up to the age of 18 enter free and so we hope to make the event more accessible to families.

With this in mind, he set up Opera in the Orchard in 2001, at the grand age of 80 years, to provide opera to the rural communities surrounding Maldon and Witham. Robbie's aim was not only to provide opera, but to ensure that the opera was performed by artists with professional experience, who would act, sing and entertain, to demonstrate just how enjoyable opera can be. Over a glass or two of wine in the company of friends, the dream became real.

Here was an opportunity to welcome all generations, particularly children, to the pleasures of music and singing in an informal family setting

Call us on 01621 891330 or email us at enquiries@operaintheorchard.co.uk